Why I didn't do #WITL (last week)

I know that Ali Edwards' Week in the Life is all about documenting the everyday, the small details of your life, as it i right now. But if I want to make it past Tuesday this year (unlike last year's epic fail), I know I'm going to want something a bit more exciting to document then five days of me sitting at the same desk, eating the same lunch and coming home exhausted and falling into bed at the same time plus a few weekend activities.

So I've chosen a different week. A week that I know will include: two days off work, my birthday, a few special appointments and a visit from my mum. Fun things that would have been documented anyway but why not do it in this format this year.

There will still be a large amount of everyday moments, the comfort of routine, the dull and the mundane, the finding of joy in the little things. But, this time, with a splash of fun added in!

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