Review :: Nuvo Crystal Drops

I finally managed to get my hands on some of these Nuvo Crystal Drops and (spoiler alert) I love them! Truth be told, I haven't used them on a project yet, I've just been playing around with them. But I can see the potential for some really cool projects.

I found them really hard to get a hold of here in New Zealand but I have a few more colours coming from the Citrus Twist store shortly.

It is really cold here at the moment (like middle of winter, not making it to double digits cold) and I'm pretty sure it is effecting the drying time. Smaller dots are taking 3-4 hours to dry but the larger ones are taking at LEAST overnight but up to 24 hours. Which seems like a long time to me but I'm sure in warmer conditions it wouldn't take nearly as long. I'm guessing though, there is very little information available about drying time that I can find.

Let me know if you've used them, how you find them and how long yours take to dry!

Anyway, here is my little review... 
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