December (not quite) Daily :: A bit of prep

I started my December (not quite) Daily prep this year by making a plan for December. Things I know we'll be doing, things I hope we'll be doing and things I need to make sure I've done.

I know things might change and actually look a bit different from this but I feel good having a place to start from. The MERRY MEMORIES set from Kellie Stamps made it pretty easy, all those lovely little stamps are the perfect size for planners.

I managed to resist buying ANY kits this year, in the hopes that I might be able to make some sort of dent in the rather last stash of December themed stuff I already have.

So, instead, I've been making a few little bits and pieces to add into my album as I go. First up, these DIY flair stickers using the MERRY CIRCLE and GRINCH digital stamps from Kellie Stamps. I changed the colours in Photoshop, printed them on sticker paper, cut them out and added some clear enamel stickers on top. They'll be the perfect embellishment for my photos and the plus is that they aren't nearly as bulky as traditional flair buttons.

I also started making a few filler/journalling cards with the MERRY MEMORIES clear stamp set. I don't have any sort of colour-scheme for my album so I just picked my favourite coral red colour and added a pop of yellow. Stitching, thread and embossing adds a touch of texture to what might otherwise be quite plain cards.

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  1. Great idea for flair stickers, I may have to steal it. 😄