December (not quite) Daily :: A few more

Around here, Christmas equals Summer. And Summer equals roses. They're like nature's pretty gift to my soul. So I had to add a page in the album about them. My two new favourite techniques: printing on vellum, and adding embellishments on top of the protectors. Hope the glue holds!

I used one of my pre-stamped cards and then created a little tag pocket for my journalling. Still can't believe I managed to cut that packaging so completely centred! I got really lucky that the cheap pad of paper I picked up at a dollar store had that completely perfect cinnamon pattern. Yum.

Speaking of yum, Christmas Candy. No shortage of it around here. These cards from Push Print Studio worked perfectly with the stamp from Kellie Stamps and a whole lot of sequins. They're the candy of paper craft, you know?

Here is the process video of how these pages came together ...

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