December (not quite) daily :: The next few pages

I had quite the December Daily session in the weekend, I love sitting down with my Christmas music on or my favourite Christmas movie playing in the background and playing with all things festive! I started by adding a filler page with the lyrics to the song thats been playing on a loop in my head!

It hasn't all been Christmas cheer around here, as suspected, December has turned into quite the emotional roller-coaster, which has on occasion turned my into a little bit of a grinch (gasp, I know). Luckily I had the perfect acrylic piece from Colorcast Designs for one such occasion.

Luckily there was plenty of shopping to be done and nothing cheers me up quite like buying lovely things for my favourite people. This spread is super simple: I used another one of those fab cards from Push Print Studio, typed my journalling directly onto my photo in Photoshop and added a stamp from Kellie Stamps. I added a bit of a shopping list to the other side so I can remember who got what.

My present wrapping session also got a page by simply wrapping a 4x6 card in the exact same way that I did all my presents!

Of course, ELF was on repeat while I was doing that wrapping so it got a page as well. I wasn't SUPER happy with this one, the colours are definitely not my usual thing but it still has glitter and my favourite holiday stamp and thats all that matters.

Lastly I had a quick visit from my dad for our annual Christmas dinner out, so despite the fact that I always forget to take many photos, I managed to cobble together a page about that too.

Here is the process video of how ALL these pages came together ...

You can watch this video on YouTube or subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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