Project Life :: Week 10

And I'm back! Managed to clear enough room on my desk to finally sit down and crack into the April Citrus Twist Kits Pocket Life kit. And it was well worth the wait.

But man, after a three-week hiatus from any sort of crafting at all, I am so rusty. Nothing felt natural and I sure wasn't feeling creative. But if I've got one tip for staying up-to-date with Project Life, it is this. Just keep going. Just do it, to use Nike's motto. Even if it isn't your favourite, even if you don't love it. Put it in the album and move on. You'll blow so much time trying to get it perfect. Better just to get it documented and in an album.

So that's what I'm doing. Calling this one done and moving on to next week. I've got five weeks to catch-up on so I have not time for perfect. Just progress.

And here is the process video of how this layout came together...

You can watch this video on YouTube or subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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