Project Life :: Week 26

I'm using the brand new August Citrus Twist Pocket Life kit this week and I immediately had to use my FAVOURITE card. Which posed a bit of a challenge to me. Red isn't a colour I normally use a lot of, obviously I sway more to the pink side of the spectrum. So I had to find a way to make that red card work with this week's spread.

My solution was to add little pops of red throughout my page, just enough to make it feel cohesive but not so much that it stuck out. And actually I love the result. The red is so vibrant and all those little hints really draw your eye towards that journalling card!

Here is the process video of how this layout came together... 
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  1. I love your work DD... and I love your kiwi accent.. Im from Rotorua.. I'm your most recent follower x