December (not quite) Daily :: Parks, mugs and Scrooge

We spent an afternoon hanging out in the sunshine at a park, which wasn't how we had intended to spend the time but it was well worth it! All I added to this huge 8x12 photo, was some banners, some journalling and, yes, some sequins!

For this page, I had already put together this 6x4 card from my December Dreams collection, by printing it out and adding some stickers, dots and some washi tape. I peeled some of the washi off, added a photo and created a see-through pocket with some journalling and a few more stickers.

I had already created this 3x4 filler card with a chipboard frame, some ribbon and some Kellie Stamps. But then I wasn't really sure where to go from there. This was to fill in the back side of a page protector – hence why I am trying so hard to try to make what is clearly two 6x4s fit into all these little 3x4 spaces!

And here is the process video of how these pages came together... 
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