OLW :: January

In order to keep myself a little bit more accountable this year (ie, trying not to crash and burn by March!), I've decided to film and upload my process and response to the monthly prompts.

Hopefully, this way, you can keep me on task. And I always tend to do better with a schedule!

This year, instead of an album (and I do have one sitting there virtually empty from last year!), I've decided to use one of my favourite Pocket Page Notebooks. I'm hoping this will be a less intimidating and a more free-form way to do it. I can add pages and journalling whenever I feel like it, as well as doing my monthly prompts in there. And if I run out of room, I can just add another page to the amazing fabric TN cover I got from The Stamp Spot too.

So as well as filling out all the journalling prompts for this month, I added a few digital elements, a vellum photo of myself and I hand-stamped my BALANCE quote with this stamp set from Feed Your Craft.

So here is my process for these January pages... 
You can watch this video on YouTube or subscribe to my YouTube channel here.