Traveler's Notebook :: Fires and Flood

What do you do when you can't choose which alpha to use for your title? Use them all! Thats how I created the title for this page. I used all my favourite alpha stamps from Kellie Stamps, including a sneak peek at one coming later in the month!

But I wasn't really happy with the page. It sorted of bugged me for a few days until I went back and decided to try to improve it. I don't often do that, perfect isn't really my goal with these pages. But I figured if I was still thinking about it a few days later, then it probably deserved a little attention. So I repeated the same stamping I had done earlier and filled up all the dead space on the page and I'm MUCH happier with it. It still isn't perfect, but I'm much happier with it.

Here is the process video of how this page came together... 
You can watch this video on YouTube or subscribe to my YouTube channel here.