OLW :: May + June

Somehow, I ended up a few months behind on my OLW album. And I REALLY didn't want to carry on my usual habit of just giving up now because it seemed too hard to catch up again. So I sat down and got organised and made these prompts work for me.

I simplified what I needed to, skipped parts that were no longer relevant and am now fully caught back up and am ready to start again with July's prompt.

I highly encourage you, no matter where you are in your album, catching up is totally doable. Don't be afraid to change whatever you need to to work for you and your album. Or start afresh this month if you need to. Just don't give up!

Here is my process for finishing off my March pages and starting my April prompt... 
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  1. Video is not working...checked on YouTube as well. I'd really like to see this - need this bit of inspiration right now! :)

    1. Hi Deb, it's definitely working now! xx