I want candy!

I've been on a slightly-healthier-eating-sensibly thing for two days and all I can think about is candy! My mind and body is craving sugar badly. I've been feeling retched, but am going to try and control myself for a few days longer and hopefully this pain will subside! These types of photos don't help!

1. Valentine's Ribbon Candy, 2. Candy Stars and Sprinkles, 3. candy heart valentines cupcakes, 4. The Real Beauty Of The Candy Cane...., 5. Jawbreaker, 6. Tasty Technicolor Treats, 7. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, 8. Untitled, 9. Sweet Little Worms ~, 10. The pink ones are the best...., 11. Sweets / Dulces, 12. hard candy