Mixed Paper Art Journal Tutorial

I love making my own art journals. I may even enjoy it as much as doing the actual art journalling!
Here is one way to make an easy mixed paper art journal from an old book.

1. Cut the covers off an old book. I also cut out any pages with great illustrations.

2. Sort through your paper stash (or maybe start one!) and pick out some papers that are roughly the same size as the books you are using.

3. Punch holes through your covers and papers. This time I used my Bind-it-all but other times I have used a hole punch and book rings, or even tied the book together with ribbons. Use whatever you have on hand.

4. Bind your book together and decorate you cover. I kept it simple with a strip of patterned paper and some buttons. I also found a small key with "30" engraved on it, which I thought was appropriate!

5. Have fun when choosing your papers. Some ideas are scrapbooking paper, old shopping bags, transparencies, old book pages, envelopes, cardboard from cereal packets, larger pieces of paper folded to fit, the possibilities are endless. I love gluing sheets of newspaper together, painting them roughly with gesso and stitching the edges together.

My covers had this fantastic illustration inside them, so I very simply embellished it with some typed paper stripes, the same patterned paper and a felt arrow to cover the stitching from the buttons.

Now you can enjoy your new journal. Throughout the month I'll be sharing tips, techniques and prompts as well as peeks inside this journal. Let me know if you make your own handmade journal, I'd love to see them!