Birthday wishlist

I was going to post a pretty "Birthday Wishlist" filled with lovely things that I've been wanting. But the truth is that I've been feeling pretty down lately and one way I try to cheer myself up (which never really works, by the way) is by shopping. 

So, I will admit, that most of the things that were going to be on my birthday list, are already on their way to me (like this and this and this) or I already have them (like this and this).

Instead, I've made a list of things that I am truly grateful for this year…

The little ones who are always so happy to see me come home at the end of the day.

A relationship that has only grown stronger and deeper as the years go by.

A partner who pushes me to be stronger and who supports me when when I'm not.

A lovely home of our own to hold our lives, our dreams and our furniture!

A job that allows me to live a life without much want.
Good friends who are always there to share a laugh or a cry or a hug. Or a huge piece of Caramel Slice (well maybe not share, maybe more like a slice each!)

So, my only real wish for this birthday, is to remain thankful for all the beautiful things I already have. And maybe a slice of chocolate cake!