The To-Do list that never ends

There were so many things that we wanted to do to our house as soon we moved in, but life is pretty busy and the regular chores need doing as well and before long you realise that you've learned to live with the things that "JUST HAD" to go. I still have a steadily growing list of things I'd "LIKE TO" get done, and to create a bit of accountability, here they are:
  1. Paint the kitchen cupboards
  2. Build an outdoor bench
  3. Decorate the bathroom
  4. Fix the little patch on the roof
  5. Plant daffodil bulbs for the spring
  6. Decorate my study
  7. Put up my curtain tiebacks in the bedroom
  8. Get a rug/coat rack/shelving for the hallway
  9. New curtains for the guest room
  10. Plan and plant a vegetable garden
  11. Create an easy-care garden with a pretty spot to sit
  12. Move the large planter and replant my strawberry plants
  13. Re-gravel the driveway
  14. Get a new letterbox with actual street numbers
  15. Replace the outside porch light
  16. Take down the dying willow tree
I'll try and cross off some of these in the foreseeable future but chances are that for every on I cross off, I'll probably be adding more!