I have still been taking a self-portrait everyday, I just haven't been loading them on here. It has taken me a while to start to feel comfortable in front of the camera again, but I am slowly easing into it. 

For a long time I tried very hard not to have my picture taken, it might even be the reason I took up photography in the first place! 

But a couple of years ago I took a few classes with Vivienne McMaster and I slowly learned that it was okay to take photos of myself and that sometimes I could even love the photos I took.

After feeling so badly about myself, those photos allowed me to see some beauty in myself and I learned that not every photo was a great one but that didn't make me any less worthy.

So I am slowly getting back to that place, I'm even trying to push myself to pull that camera back and not just capture my face.

How do you feel in front of the camera?