Beaded Ombre Necklace

I was picking up some beads to make my wedding jewellery and I saw these beautiful blue ones. I couldn't resist and I bought them home to make a necklace. Here's how I did it...

  1. Gather your beads and preferred beading medium. I used nylon string but you can use what ever you prefer. You'll need beads in at least three shades of one colour.
  2. Start by tying a knot a little bit back from one end of your thread.
  3. Thread on half of your lightest coloured beads.
  4. Then thread on half of your medium coloured beads.
  5. Add on all of your darkest coloured beads and then thread the remaining medium coloured and light coloured beads.
  6. Tie both ends of your string tightly together and you have yourself a pretty ombre necklace!
 Wear it and enjoy!