DIY Journalling Cards

Ready-made journalling cards and kit subscriptions are great, but some times it's nice to create something a little more custom, something that completely suits your colour scheme or style. Here are three easy ways to create your own DIY Journalling cards with supplies you probably already have on hand.

1. Sequins (and some fake letterpress!)
I always have a stash of sequins on hand to jazz up my journalling cards, either glueing them down or threading them onto string and wrapping them around several times. I used an embossing die and my die-cutting machine to add a little texture.
Bonus: I stacked and glued chipboard circles together, inked it with some pigment ink and ran them through my die-cutting machine to create a letterpress-style circle to my watercolour paper before stamping the sentiment right on top. 

2. Washi Tape
Create ombre banners, layer different patterns to create titles, cover the entire card. Washi tape isn't just great as an embellishment to your journalling cards but can be used to create great bases as well.

3. Stamps and diecuts
You probably already have a stash of stamps, so it's time to pull them out and use them to create title blocks, backgrounds and frames for your photos. Here I cut out the stamp and used washi tape to stick it down. Now I have the perfect frame for one of my Instagram photos.

I hope this inspires you to create your own mini masterpieces!