The (Blythe) eyes are the window to the soul

I've never been fond of the stock eyes on my little Amelia, especially the pink and orange ones. So last night, when I arrived home to find my new order of BrainWorm eye chips, I decided it was time for a mini makeover!

The old eye chips were so much easier to get out then Lorelei's (Pleaseant Peasant), they just popped out first time, no hassle at all.
Using the old and new eye chips and some foils I made a cute little selection of eye colours to choose from.

So she got a set of soulful, deep brown to match her lovely hair...

And beautiful blue, almost violet ones.

She is looking much happier now. I also did Lorelei's chips again, this time adding some foils to the chips but forgot to take any photos! I think I am going to have to open her head to correct her gaze and I wouldn't mind re-rooting her hair so I'm trying to work up the courage to get going on her.