28 Before 29 Update

It's been a while since I even looked at my list so I thought I'd better update it here...

make a new handbag - DONE
have a girly weekend in Christchurch
try on a wedding dress
make macaroons
re-scalp blythe - STARTED
buy myself some beautiful flowers
eat dinner at a new restaurant
sell something blythe
fix blythes gaze - DONE
exercise regularly and lose 10 kilos - NOT EVEN CLOSE
get a pre-approved mortgage
design/make/print/sell a zine - DONE
buy a pair of levis
make another pair of pants - DONE
wear bright red lipstick - DONE
crochet a scarf for myself
have a tea party with friends
bake a loaf of bread
finish my ruffle dress - DONE
take an online class - DONE
buy a house
use my new library card - USED IT HEAPS
save another $2000 - HALFWAY
get a tattoo
buy 3 prints i love on etsy - TWO DOWN, ONE TO GO
draw and sell new prints on etsy
go out and try a new cocktail
write more letters - DID FOR A WHILE, HAVEN'T LATELY