28 Things Before 29

Time to take stock...
  1. make a new handbag
  2. have a girly weekend in Christchurch
  3. try on a wedding dress
  4. make macaroons (Tried, failed, will try again soon)
  5. re-scalp blythe (I'm halfway but it is taking a loooong time)
  6. buy myself some beautiful flowers
  7. eat dinner at a new restaurant
  8. sell something blythe
  9. fix blythes gaze
  10. exercise regularly and lose 10 kilos (I'm serious this time, two weeks in and I've lost a kilo)
  11. get a pre-approved mortgage
  12. design/make/print/sell a zine
  13. buy a pair of levis
  14. make another pair of pants
  15. wear bright red lipstick
  16. crochet a scarf for myself
  17. have a tea party with friends
  18. bake a loaf of bread
  19. finish my ruffle dress
  20. take an online class
  21. buy a house
  22. use my new library card
  23. save another $2000 (I was halfway there but then I got a dog!)
  24. get a tattoo
  25. buy 3 prints i love on etsy
  26. draw and sell new prints on etsy
  27. go out and try a new cocktail
  28. write more letters
Sadly, there are things on this list that I know will not get done this year as my priorities have changed but I think I'm making pretty good progress. Four months to go!

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  1. You can do it! Hope you are doing welll!! :)