Pick and Mix

 This painting captured my heart. 'Life Story' is a collaboration between Flora Bowley and Jennifer Mercede. I love the process as much as the result. They hand the painting back and forth, adding layers as they go. Magical. See more here.

This video is AMAZING. I was late for work because I was mesmorised. I am a bit of a type nerd so I love watching his fluid movements, and the lack of rulers, planning and measuring is astounding!

Today is a cold rainy old day, perfect to make these. Yum.

If I wasn't doing a million things already, I'd be taking this class. I love journals and making books and these look fantastic. Next time I go on holiday I'll be taking the class for sure.

This is too true. I keep being reminded that it isn't easy. But is so worth it.

Have a great weekend!

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