How to feel braver...

I woke up very early this morning, filled with anxiety and a racing heart. I was feeling pressure and fear and shame. Then I read Vivienne's great class post this morning about instant photos and I felt inspired.

One of my big fears with this class was going for photo walks. I am apprehensive (to say the least) about walking around in public with my camera.

So this morning I decided the best way to let go of the anxiety and to feel brave was to actually DO something brave. I took my camera (Fuji Instax Mini) and my dog for an early morning photo walk.

I stopped at all the places I felt inspired to (and the ones where I have always wished I had a camera with me) and took a self-portrait. Before it developed I put it in my bag and carried on. What fun!

Once I got home I took a minute to feel brave and then looked at my results. Totally unexpected but really magical. And I do feel better. Much better. Much braver. Much calmer.

To all my fellow muses, I hope this class is filling you with as much bravery, love, strength and magic as it is for me!

(and for anyone who wants to know, here is the link to the magic macro lens with self-portrait mirror that I got. It works great!)


  1. Great post Diane! I've definitely loved Vivienne's class, and i'm feeling inspired to take out my SX-70 when I get home. I have an instax, and it is much fun! The other model, I forget the number, maybe 7 without the "s" actually comes with the mirror already attached to the front of the camera, and the macro lens comes with it. Also, this model has two shutter buttons, so whether your turning the camera vertically or horizontally, you can still snap the pic with ease.

  2. Yay! Very excited and stoked for you on this new journey :)

    Keep it up! You are so beautiful! :)