Traveler's Notebook Layout :: Crafty Twins Mood Board Challenge #7

Are you ready for the next Crafty Twins Mood Board Challenge? The mood board this month is sweet and cozy and I took it completely literally!

I used two of the images from the mood board and completely took them literally. I altered the quote to suit my own tastes (dogs over books) but found some brick paper and letter stickers to replicate it as closely as possible. Then I used the cozy bed photo and made my own shelf out of paper and photo and washi. I even hung some "lights" too!

Here is the process video of how these pages came together... 
You can watch this video on YouTube or subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Poor Essie is completely under the weather at the moment so I gave her the month off! But please head on over to her channel and leave her some love because it is also her BIRTHDAY today!

If you do make something inspired by this mood board, PLEASE let me know, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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