Engagement Party's make me CRAZY!

Having never organized a truly proper big party before I didn't really know what I was doing or what to expect. But I never imagined it would make me this crazy.

The invitations! I am turning out to be my own worst client! I have done a million samples and I like them all but I don't love them. I'm just not exactly sure what it is I want, I want so many different things! I also have to word it exactly right. So many options, each subtly different from the last.

The only thing that worked out easily was buying my dress. I just very casually went shopping one lunch time and found a great dress, in my size, in a colour I love, marked down 60%. It doesn't get any easier then that. Why can't everything be that easy.

Don't get me wrong, I am so excited and looking forward to it. I just want it all to be perfect and it is stressing me a little. My boss, Dave, said "Just pick one, go with it, and then the stress will be over." Fair point really. So I ordered the matching envelopes (my second lot, the first lot I ordered before I had made up my mind so now I have 50 silver envelopes sitting in a drawer!) and I even ordered some custom stamps. Extravagant I know for someone trying to have a great party on a budget but have you seen stamps lately? Ours are so ugly that I couldn't see spending all this time and effort designing great invitations just to put ugly stamps on them.

Ok. Rant over. Back to work. Will have some photos soon, promise.

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