What makes a Friday even better?

Today we had a couple of visitors in the afternoon, two gorgeous little Golden Retriever girls stopped by and played with us for a couple of hours. It definitely made the afternoon a little bit more fun.

We played so long they got a little tired and had to take a wee nap, all stretched out like little frogs, so cute! The other fell asleep on my lap as I worked, all panting and it's little tongue sticking out. Adorable. If we weren't renting I would of had to have taken them home.


  1. Animals really are precious! Love the "frog" photo... too cute!

  2. Aren't they just GREAT?
    Since a couple of weeks we also have a pup! A Jack Russell, named Odie! He's absolutely the STAR in our family right now!
    We love him sooooo VERY MUCH!!!!
    Like your blog!